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Whether you’re a pet owner looking to find a verified and reviewed sitter who’ll keep your home and pets safe and give them all the love, care, play and attention. Or or an animal loving traveller in search of free exchange homesteads with the company of furry friends and unique travel experiences.

10+ years of happy pets, 180K+ happy members

Better for pet parents

Pet parents get real peace of mind knowing their pets (and home) are cared for while they’re away.

Better for pets

Pets stay happy at home in their own surroundings with a sitter who gives them loving care and companionship.

Better for sitters

Sitters exchange their time, care and expertise for interesting homestays and unique travel experiences.

How TrustedHousesitters Works

More Information For Pet Owners

Find a verified and reviewed sitter who’ll keep your pets company and give them all the time, care and attention in the world. Access verified sitters as much as you need. Sitters never charge for providing dedicated care in exchange for a nice place to stay.

Once you Purchase your pet parent plan

Create a listing with lots of pictures of your pets and home, then add dates whenever you’re going away.

Choose your pet's perfect sitter

Receive applications or reach out to verified and reviewed sitters your pets are sure to love.

Travel with peace of mind

Leave your pets safe at home with a sitter, and be welcomed back by healthy and happy pets.

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More Information For Pet Sitters

Stay for free with adorable animals in unique homes around the world. Sit as often as you like, wherever you like. An annual sitter plan lets pet lovers like you unlock a whole year of unique places to stay.

Purchase your sitter plan

Create a profile that stands out from the pack with plenty of pictures, personality, and sitter verifications.

Apply for unlimited sits

Explore, apply for, and confirm exciting sits with adorable pets in locations you’ll love.

Experience Life Elsewhere

Stay in a home away from home with a new pet companion, keeping them safe while their parent’s away.

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Why members love TrustedHousesitters

Unlimited adventures

Pay once a year to enjoy limitless access to the website

Help and Support

TrustedHousesitters have a membership services team

Easy-to-use app

Use the app to easily access the website anytime, anywhere.

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