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We’re Julie & Jonathan who became full time travelling house and pet sitters in 2017 and started our pet sitting website to give prospective home and pet owners a bit more information about us prior to them deciding if we might be a good fit for their sitting requirements.

It became apparent that many pet parents were new to the idea of house and pet sitting and we found it incredible rewarding to give owners a great first time experience of having in house pet sitters

We’ve completed over 70 pet sits and our assignments have taken us as far as Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Further down the page you will find more information about us, lots of tips for owners thinking of signing up and what to look for when choosing a sitter. We are pleased to be able to also offer a 25% discount on signing up to the largest platform with over 180 thousand members.

We hope you find this page informative and if you need any advice, then please get in touch we’re always happy to help.

Julie and Jonathan

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