How The Global Pet Sitters Started

How The Global Pet Sitters Started

So, just how did The Global Pet Sitters get started?  Well, back In 2017, we realised how few countries we’d actually been to and were really racking our brains to see if we could find a way to see more of the world. Our problem was our budget! 10 years earlier we left our well paid jobs to set up a small online business, with the aim of giving us more free time. We had certainly given ourselves more free time, but this came at a cost, a big reduction in our income.

On working out how much we needed to live on and the price of flights and accommodation in locations we had our on a bucket list to visit, we quickly realised it just wasn’t affordable. Flight and accommodation together took the idea way out of our price range. The logical way for us to travel cheaper would be to find a way of cutting the cost of our flights. Reading up on this, we kept finding air miles were the answer. Well, air miles weren’t the answer. To generate any decent amount of air miles you have to spend a fortune on a credit card and we just didn’t have a fortune to spend!
The only other way to cut the cost of our travel would be to save on the accommodation. We Googled “Travel Abroad Accommodation Free” and in the results was something called pet sitting. Reading more it sounded like you live in other peoples homes for free, while caring for their pets. This really did sound like the way we could travel on a budget, cutting our accommodation costs to zero would be a massive budget saver!

We were a little sceptical about it though, as it really sounded to good to be true, but we certainly interested enough to find out more about how to start pet sitting.  After researching and comparing house and pet sitting websites, we came across Trustedhousesitters, which stood out above the rest. So we decided to sign up and apply for a few sits locally in Norfolk and Suffolk to see how it went.

our first ever pet sit
Our First Ever Pet Sit With Txuri The Pyrenean Mountain Dog In Aldeburgh, Suffolk

We were lucky enough to be accepted for the very first pet sit we applied for, Txuri, the Pyrenean mountain dog from Aldeburgh in Suffolk. The owner was amazingly generous and Txuri was a dream pup to sit for. After a few more local house sits in East Anglia we felt confident that this really could be a way of making our travel dreams a reality. We new we would be competing with many other sitters for assignments abroad, so decided to showcase our pet sitting experience, previous sits and reviews on a website to send to prospective pet owners. And That’s how The Global Pet Sitters started!

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Now, if like us you love animals and you love travel, then house and pet sitting could be just for you! It’s an amazing way to help your travel funds stretch further, as it can save you loads on accommodation costs. Not only that, but it allows you to live like a local, were you get to meet new people, make friends along the way and learn more about the area you’re visiting. But best of all you get to have the company of different pets along the way.

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