Pet Sit in Reedham

We had the pleasure of looking after Montydog and the owners home during November. Monty was a rescue dog who, although a little nervous at times and not a great lover of other dogs, loved to be around people and loved long walks which were available from the front door of the house. The owners requested Monty was kept on the lead at all times so we took advantage of a 25 metre long lead the owners had left for us to allow Monty to roam as freely as possible. We had a great time with Montydog even taking him for a day out at the beach.

During our time at the sit, Montydog took us to all of his favourite walks around Reedham and we took him to one of our favourite beach walks at Caister.

Monty’s owner received updates on his time with us along with a few photos showing his days out and reassuring the owner that Monty was being well looked after and having a happy time.

We were delighted with the 5 star review left by Monty’s owner Mary.

Review received | Dec 5, 2018 – Julie and Jonathan looked after our house and Montydog for 10 days with great care and dedication. I don’t think that the dog has ever had so much attention and such a well-washed bowl. They clearly love dogs and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a animal/house sit (and a spring clean). Thank you.

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