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We are part of the largest global pet and house sitting community and this is where we have chosen to start our pet sitting journey. Trusted House Sitters provides the opportunity for owners to keep pets happy at home, sitters stay for free & owners travel without worry.

We highly recommend the programme for the following reasons:

  • Both owners and sitters pay a reasonable annual membership fee
  • No other costs are involved - pet sitters sit for free at the owners house ensuring the pets are happy in their own surroundings
  • Pet sitters are reviewed by the home owners after the sit
  • Pet sitters also have the opportunity to recommend a pet sit
  • Owners can choose from reviewed & verified sitters
  • 24 hour advice line for pet sitters and owners

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“Txuri From Suffolk”

A 3 Week Petsit With Txuri The Large Pyrenean Mastiff in Aldeburgh, Suffolk!

“Flossie and Benji From Suffolk”

A 2 Week Petsit With Flossie and Benji The Short Haired Terriers in Witnesham!

“Millie and Jennie The Hamster From Norfolk”

A 16 Night Petsit With Millie The Terrier and Jennie The Hamster in Norwich!

“Oscar and Tess From Suffolk”

A 14 Night Petsit With Oscar The Polish Lowland Sheepdog and Tess The Boxer in Framlingham!

“Teddy and Bonnie From Leicestershire”

A 4 Night Petsit With Bonnie The Labradoodle and Teddy The Goldendoodle in Melton Mowbray!

“Max, Lucy and Oreo From Southwold, Suffolk”

2 Weeks With Max a German Shepherd, Lucy a Chihuahua and Oreo the Cat!

“Archie, Alan, Doodle and 7 Chickens From Norfolk”

A 14 Night Petsit With Alan The Red Fox Labrador, Archie The Black Labrador, Doodle The Cat and 7 Chickens in Rollesby!

“Montydog From Norfolk”

A 14 Night Petsit With Montydog The Jack Russell / Springer Spaniel Cross in Reedham!

“Buster The Rottweiler From Suffolk”

A 4 Night Petsit With Buster The Big Friendly Rottweiler in Bury St Edmunds!

“Christmas Time With Blue The Weimaraner From Wales”

A 17 Night Petsit With Blue The Beautiful Weimaranar in Mold, North Wales!

“Bertie and Bella The Coton de Tulear’s From Norfolk”

A 4 Night Petsit With Bertie and Bella The Coton de Tulear in Wymondham!

“Oz and Blod From Wales”

A 3 Night Petsit With Oz The Labrador and Blod The Springer Spaniel in Bangor!

“Lulu The English Cocker Spaniel From Norfolk”

A 9 Night Petsit With Lulu The Spaniel in Sheringham, Norfolk!

“Tan The Collie From Aldeburgh in Suffolk”

A 7 Night Petsit With Tan The Collie in Aldeburgh, Suffolk!

“Buster, Indy and Tara From Lincoln”

A 9 Night Petsit With Buster, Indy and Tara in Lincoln!

“Hector The Red Fox Labrador From Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire”

A 15 Night Petsit With Hector From Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire!

“Frank and Doris From Old Buckenham, Norfolk”

A 7 Night Petsit With Frank & Doris From Buckenham, Norfolk!

“Icy and Gully From Attleborough in Norfolk”

A 14 Night Petsit With Icy and Gully in Attleborough, Norfolk!

“Rupert The Greyhound From Trimingham, Norfolk”

A 7 Night Petsit With Rupert From Trimingham, Norfolk!

“Kip The Cockapoo From Redgrave, Suffolk”

A 5 Night Petsit With Kip From Redgrave, Suffolk!

“Mookie The Samoyed From San Francisco, USA”

A 10 Night Petsit With Mookie From San Francisco, USA!

“Benny and Mena From Liphook, Hampshire”

A 14 Night Petsit With Benny and Mena From Liphook, Hampshire!

“Charcoal From Sydney, Australia”

A 6 Week Petsit With Charcoal From Manly in Sydney, Australia!

“Kai  The Pit Bull Cross from Santa Monica, USA”

Our Most Challenging Pet Sit also Our Most Rewarding One!

“Tinkerbell, Bella and Luna From Pontefract, Yorkshire”

A 10 Night Petsit With Tinkerbell, Bella & Luna From Yorkshire!

“Dylan From Lyme Regis, Dorset”

A 21 Night Petsit With Dylan From Lyme Regis, Jurassic Coast!

“Mabel From Dundee, Scotland”

A 25 Night Petsit With Mabel From Dundee, Scotland!

“Julian The Poodle From San Rafael, California, USA”

A 7 Night Petsit With Julian in San Rafael, California!

“Fagan, Scout, Patsy, Venus and Guinea Fowl From Norfolk”

A 4 Week Petsit With Dogs, Horse, Kune Kune Pig and Guinea Fowl!