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During our time at this sit, Bonnie and Teddy showed us their favourite walk which just happened to be down the road from the house.
Although we only sat for them for 4 nights, Bonnie and Teddy were super friendly. The best of friends they loved to chase each other in the garden and play with their toys. They were really happy and relaxed in their own home and surroundings with plenty of cuddles, love and attention.
A Pet Owners Guide to Using House Sitters
Teddy and Bonnie’s owner received regular updates on their time with us along with a few photos showing days out and reassuring the owner that Teddy and Bonnie were being well looked after and having a happy time. The owners returned to a clean and tidy house along with two happy and healthy dogs. We were delighted with the 5 star review left by Teddy and Bonnie’s owner Lynne, it was an absolute pleasure to sit for them.

Review received | Sep 26, 2018 – Julie and Jonathan looked after our two dogs Teddy and Bonnie while we took a long weekend break. They were absolutely brilliant both with our dogs. Very friendly, reliable and kind I would have no hesitation in asking them to house sit again. Teddy has medical issues and I was able to leave him in safe hands knowing he would be well looked after. Both dogs were relaxed and happy when we returned and the house was immaculate. I can thoroughly recommend Jonathan and Julie as professional house sitters and would advise that you book them quickly as they will be in high demand!

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