"Lavish Affection on Your Pets & Take Great Care of Your Home"

Running our online business, we need to be reliable and trust-worthy and it is something our agents and clients rely upon. With house sitting, one of the best ways for you to know we are right for you is through talking face to face, be that over video Skype or meeting up. We would always encourage that we have a Skype or phone call to see if we are a good fit for each other and that we can meet your pets needs. Then we would ideally meet beforehand or at least have a good hand over day to really get to know your pets and their routines before you go away. We are more than happy to arrive early for a smooth handover before you leave for your trip.
We can be flexible to your needs. As we both work from home we can easily keep your pets on their current routines and ensure any medication is given to them on time. You can be assured that your beloved animals are being properly cared for and this continuation of routine will ease any concerns they may have by your departure, while we build a friendly relationship with them in your absence.
Our flexibility also means that we can usually arrive and depart at a time that fits in with your plans.