Pet Sit in Attleborough

Spending time with Icy and Gully was a real pleasure.  Icy is the sweetest gentlest Doberman ever, just wanting to be around you and will happily cuddle all day long.    Little Gully is a rescued 4 year old Spanish Griffon, his owners brought him back from Spain.  Gully loves nothing more than running for his ball, it’s his greatest love.  He groans a lot, especially when getting himself comfy, which is hilarious.

They were a delight to take out on trips and we hope they loved their 2 weeks of adventures with us.

Icy and Gully really are the best of friends and love to cuddle up together.  Some of our favourite times were cuddling up with them on the sofa in the evenings.

The 3 friendly bantams were very easy to care for and and rewarded us with a cuddle as we cleaned out their coops.

Icy and Gully’s owners received regular updates by Whatsapp and photos of their adventures to let them know that they were having a great time with us, we took them on a day trip to the beach which they really loved along with a few trips to the forests half an hour away.

We were delighted with the 5 star review left by Icy and Gully’s owner Mila.

Review received | Jul 07, 2019 – My gosh – how do we even begin to describe how wonderful Julie and Jonny are? They looked after our home, 2 dogs and 3 rather broody chickens for two weeks whilst we went and got married and we will never be able to thank them enough for everything they did. Not only did they take the dogs on all sorts of outings and adventures but they kept the house immaculate, lawn beautifully mown, chickens happy and even found time to send us lots of updates and photos. What’s more, on the morning of our wedding we got through a pic of the two dogs with a happy wedding day sign they had made! The only downside has been that we now have two very sulky dogs on our hands – clearly preferring life with Julie and Jonny. We can’t really blame them – we haven’t met two such kind, friendly, caring and helpful people in a while. If you are lucky enough to have them apply for to house sit for you, don’t hesitate to accept.

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