3 Months House Sitting in California

For years we’d talked about exploring California.  High on our list to visit were Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon and Death Valley  as well as San Francisco. We never really thought that dream could possibly come true.

It was thanks to being part of the Trustedhousesitters Community that we had this great opportunity for adventure and travel.  Our dream did come true!

31st October 2019, with House Sits all booked, we left the UK for Los Angeles ready our for 3 months of house/pet sitting almost rent free!!

But here’s the thing!   all the savings we made on our accommodation, house sitting as we travelled, stretched out our budget which allowed us to visit all the fabulous attractions of California.  The trip was amazing.   

All of our home/pet owners were super kind and all of them have become our friends and we keep in touch.   The pets we cared for were adorable, each and every one of them, they all have a place in our hearts.

Our first Sit was with Mookie in San Francisco.  What an adorable Goofy character he was, he completely stole our hearts!

House sitting with Julian, the very shy Poodle, in San Rafael allowed us to explore more of San Fran and the coast.

Our next house sit was  further North, in the ‘gold rush’ town of Placerville, caring for Suni the cat and 3 hens with big personalities.   Most mornings we had a visit from the Wild Black Turkey crew! 

An hours drive away was Lake Tahoe.   The most breathtaking scenery ever!

Christmas was in wacky and interesting Venice Beach with Smudge and  Cashmere.

January 2020 we cared for Kai in Santa Monica – Kai was our most challenging pet sit to date, our most rewarding  one too.

We got to visit, Yosemite Park, Sequoia Park, the Hoover Dam,  Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Carmel, whale watching in Monterey, driving iconic Route 66 and the beautiful Highway 1 Coast road.

Artists Palette Death Valley

Whale watching Monterey

Bixley Creek (Big Little Lies)

Hoover Dam

South Lake Tahoe

Glacier Point, Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

Grand Canyon

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